Sculptures of thoughts and feelings.

Digital Collage, by Alan Andrei
Digital Collage, by Alan Andrei

Keeping in line with the Peripatetic theme of mental sauntering, I will pause for a bit on my ongoing discussion about Digital Art, to propose here a proto-art object I have been musing about.

As part of our final project and thesis for the Masters in Digital Arts and Humanities, we are expected to create a digital artefact. Being, as I am, an amateur (as in unpublished) poet I thought it might be a possibility to experiment in coding and try to create online poems that capture the characteristics of the hypertext digital landscape.

As afore mentioned, not only is digital art medium- specific, it also (as any good art) captures the spirit of the age and expands human understanding of itself and the world. Cacophany is the term I used in a previous post to describe certain aspects of our present-day culture, and what better medium than the internet to allows us to explore and reproduce this.

Since my poems always had this aspect to them, a series of visual images (like zapping through tv channels or a Virginia Woolf prose on speed) that strive to produce a feeling or a mood, I believe that the hypertext qualities of the internet will allow me to reproduce them, maybe not better but certainly in new and exciting manners.

Poems have always been limited by the two dimensional aspects of the written page, but with hypertext, we can create a three-dimensional poem, a kind of sculpture of thought and feelings.

Later Note: I have written the poem but I am struggling to post it on the blog. Coding with HTLM5 didn’t work as I thought it would on WordPress, so I might end up creating a webpage and link it here in the near future.

Digital Collage, by Alan Andrei
Digital Collage, by Alan Andrei

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