Explanatory notes before I begin

Albrecht Durer, self-portrait

Although I read the The Portrait of Dorian Gray years ago in my early twenties, one passage from the story remains an ever lurking shadow in my mind. It is when Dorian, becoming enamoured with a book ( a novel of some sort, I believe Huysman if my memory does not fail me), purchases many copies of it and has them bound in different colours. The reason behind this odd practice is a precautionary measure taken by our protagonist to avoid getting bored with the novel, as he well knew he was wont to with just about anything.

It was not boredom, or an aristocratic bout of spleenitis that perhaps ailed, at times, Dorian but an ever curious mind, a desire to see and taste it all.  Mr.Gray was addicted to the frisson of constant novelty, a freshness of the senses when old stimuli became pale and numb.

The reason perhaps this passage struck me with such force is that I instinctively recognized myself (as perhaps many do, although my personal interpretation may differ to others – art is but a mirror). The world is so full of the marvellous, of miracles, of holiness, of the aesthetic bliss of being alive, of the joys of free thinking…. and it is exactly this that makes it sometimes hard for me to stick too long on one point, on one research topic, on one book…. A peripatetic thinker you may call me, a gypsy constant sauntering among landscapes of ideas and thoughts.

This blog will contrive to stick to one subject and thus I will struggle with my tendencies to wander off in search of new topics (like our friend Dorian), although allowing an occasional walk down other paths when appropriate. In short, I will write a journal documenting my research process for the Masters in Digital Arts and Humanities I am attending at UCC, Cork.

My thesis, yet crude and shapeless of yet, will be about Digital Art and Internet Art, as well as other usages of the Digital by Art as a prime material (such as hypertext e-literature), and not just as a means to reach a wider audience. From the boundless apeiron of ideas, I can foresee that thinkers like Clement Greenberg and Walter Benjamin will help my path as well as previous art works that have dealt with ephemeral and interaction.

A blog is in someway a self portrait, albeit a literary and digital one. I hope the returning reader (or accidental wanderer) enjoys this blog experience as much as I hope to and gets to know a bit more about me and my research topic. I would finally like to add that all comments and participation are not only welcome but appreciated.


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